Friday, May 11, 2018

klarman hall kg70, cornell university campus, Ithaca, NY


8:30am Breakfast


9:00 am Keynote

The Science-Policy Interface: Bridging Divides in the Sustainable Development Era

  • Shantanu Mukherjee, UN Department for Economic and Social Affairs


10:15 am Panel 1

To Engage or Not to Engage?  A Critical Review of the Societal Gains from Evidence-Based Policy

This panel will critically examine the assumption that scientific evidence contributes to better policy.  Where has science made a difference, and how can we measure real change? What makes policy effective?

  • Monica Contestabile, Nature

  • Jessica Cagley, USAID

  • Nicole Bella, UNESCO

  • Olivier Dangles, IRD

  • Moderator: Jaron Porciello, Cornell University, IP-CALS


11:30am Coffee Break


11:45 am Panel 2

Critical Questions for Policy Engagement: Accountability, Representation, and Power

This panel will explore the individual and structural barriers to advancing science-policy engagement, with particular attention to issues of equity and accountability.  How can we better attend to questions of identity, power, and representation in examining how both scientific evidence and policy are produced?

  • Farhana Sultana, Syracuse University

  • Ammad Bahalim, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

  • Suman Seth, Cornell University, Department of Science and Technology Studies

  • Njoki Kinyanjui, UN OCHA

  • Moderator: Jenny Goldstein, Cornell University, Department of Development Sociology


1:00 pm Lunch


2:00 pm Panel 3

Transcending the Communication Problem: The Art and Science of Translation

Translation - broadly defined - is at the heart of the science-policy interface.  This panel will examine the social, cultural, linguistic, and political dimensions of translation between scientific, policy, and development communities.

  • Tapan Parikh, Cornell University, Department of Information Science

  • Trevor Butterworth, Sense about Science USA

  • Sarah Zoubek, Duke University

  • Sandy Davis, Bipartisan Policy Center  

  • Moderator: Bruce Lewenstein, Cornell University, Department of Communications & Department of Science & Technology Studies


3:15 pm Panel 4

The Policy-Making Process: A Diversity of Perspectives

This panel will explore the social life of policy making from multiple different organizational perspectives.  Panelists will discuss the practical realities of policy making, from managing timelines to negotiating between divergent interests and constituencies.

  • Chad Shipmaker, Global Health Visions  

  • Alesha Black, Chicago Council on Global Affairs  

  • Allison Morrill Chatrchyan, Cornell University, Cornell Institute for Climate Smart Solutions

  • David Kay, Cornell University, Community & Regional Development Institute

  • Moderator: Christine Leuenberger, Cornell University, Department of Science & Technology Studies


4:30 pm Closing Plenary

New Openings and Next Steps: Advancing Science and Policy for Sustainable, Equitable Change

The closing plenary will provide an opportunity to reflect upon key insights from the symposium and set an action agenda for deepening engagement between the science and policy communities in the context of sustainable development.

  • Eeva Furmann, Finnish Environment Institute  

  • Thomas Breu, University of Bern, Center for Development and Environment

  • David Brown, Cornell University, Department of Development Sociology

  • Farhana Sultana, Syracuse University

  • Moderator: Parfait Eloundou-Enyegue, Cornell University, Department of Development Sociology

5:30 pm Reception